InterDefi — defi ecosystem for a multi-chain & cross-chain world

3 min readNov 23, 2021


Similar to the Internet a few decades ago, which once faced its own scaling issues, blockchain must move from its current state — many separate chains operating in isolation — to an interconnected ecosystem. This will enable newcomers to fully benefit from the ledger technology. In light of Web 3.0 adoption, which will onboard a vast number of users, multichain and crosschain approach is inevitable and will replace complex transactions by frictionless experience for end-users.

In a multichain world, rather than competing, we can interlink and facilitate new chains in order to enhance overall user experience. The prospect of a multichain ecosystem would allow anyone to build anywhere. And this future is dependent on cross-chain solutions, like InterDeFi.

InterDeFi is a defi ecosystem built with a multi-chain & cross-chain approach right from the start. InterDeFi started with PolyDEX on Polygon in May 2021, CeloDEX on Celo and KryptoDEX on Cronos in November. We are offering a suite of defi products, from AMM DEX, Aggregator, Farms, Launchpad to Vaults and NFT marketplace. It’s the special mix between hunger for growth and our core values that makes InterDeFi unique. We aim to be the link across blockchains and platforms as this space moves forward multichain verse.

We don’t have any immediate plan to issue token for InterDeFi. However, each product like KryptoDEX, CeloDEX, PolyDEX will have their own token on each respective chain.

By design, each product will function independently on its own. However, each tokenomics will be contributing towards the overall growth of the whole InterDeFi ecosystem and every individual holder.

Let’s support & encourage an inclusive financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity for everyone!

Let’s peer over the edge. Embrace the moment and commit.


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Defi ecosystem for a multi-chain & cross-chain world